Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton's Workout Program


A Real Fitness Role Model

Laird Hamilton is an iconic figure within the surfing community as has been named "all time best of the best." He has been able to achieve this status without even competing! He is married to a professional volleyball player and model, Gabrielle Reece. Not only is he an amazing surfer with a beautiful and talented wife, but he is also an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Laird Hamilton's physique and overall body composition is way more impressive than some of the top athletes in the entire world! So what does surfing legend Laird Hamilton's workout program consist of that enables him to stay in incredible shape all year long?

Get Out Of The Gym For Some Fresh Air

A lot of people can really achieve a much more attractive physique by spending some quality time outside the gym for their workouts. Focusing on cross training outdoors with weight training can really go a long way. Laird Hamilton is the perfect example of his fitness related lifestyle. He actively weight trains, but mixes outdoor activities to help him achieve some impressive low body fat levels. This is a great way to sculpt a near perfect body while having fun doing it.

Laird Hamilton's Style Of Workouts

Hamilton stays active pretty much every day. Even on his "rest" day he will go out and catch some waves. A typical week consists of circuits, surfing, biking, and beach workouts.

On Mondays he focuses on weight training with circuits. He likes to work his whole body with about 15-20 different exercises. His main goal on this day is to have a rest and set scheme that will enable him to reach around 100 reps total.

On Tuesdays, he takes his workouts outside for some fresh air. He is a big fan of mountain biking and sand training, so he will ride his bike around 2 hours and then finish up on the beach. On the beach he likes to do lunges, push-ups, and sand sprints with a log tied behind him. Now that is hardcore! He will then finish off the day in the water. These activities include regular surfing or wind and kite surfing.

Wednesdays are usually back in the gym for circuit training. Once his training is complete he likes to finish off his workout by taking a ride for 1-2 hours. It's not a bad place to take your bike since he spends most of his time capturing the views in either Malibu or Maui!

Thursday workouts can typically be something close to what he does on Tuesdays. He likes to ride his bike for 2-3 hours and work on his beach training routines. To finish off the day it's no surprise to find him out in the water with some kind of surfing activity.

On Fridays he is back at it with circuit training followed with more bike riding of 1-2 hours. Depending on the weekend, he will mix and match Saturday and Sunday for rest. If the waves are rolling in well enough to surf then he will do that on his rest days. If not, then his workout will consist of the same scheme on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Incorporating Outside Activities With Weight Training For Peak Condition

As you can see, Laird Hamilton is the perfect example of how to attain an amazing looking body without being stuck in the gym day after day. You can learn a lot from him by including activities that you enjoy doing with weight training. Incorporating fun activities into your workout can help you stick to your fitness goals by consistently keeping things fresh. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on indoor activities and forget how beneficial it is for our body when we utilize the elements outdoors. This is how surfing legend Laird Hamilton's workout program can teach us how to stay active outside the gym while building an even better body in the mean time.

Source by Adam M. Johnson