Stretching Exercises: Simple Self-Maintenance


I am interested in knowing if you have ever considered how different you would feel by incorporating a few morning stretching exercises. Many animals seem to naturally stretch and frequently unwind without hesitation. I’m not saying that we behave like cats or go through daily routines similar to that of a lion, but I want you to consider the fact that you just might be neglecting a small yet vital piece. Practicing a few stretching exercises daily will lower stress, reduce pain, and help maintain overall flexibility.

I have worked with clients of different ages, sports backgrounds, and ones with various health problems. From my personal experience, many people dive into stretching exercises when they are in severe pain, the aging process kicks in, or there is a big sporting event right around the corner. Is that a type of motivation that you can relate to? A different type of inspiration comes from the desire to feel healthy, limber, and resilient as the days go on. Let’s refer to this inspiration as simple self-maintenance. You might relate better to one motivational factor versus the other, but start taking action with your own simple self-maintenance and begin to reap the instant benefits of stretching exercises.

I know what it feels like to provide myself with various simple self-maintenance methods. Over the years I have developed the art of self-care. (sometimes a bit too much) I love feeling the strength and vitality that comes from it, and have connected to the experience of knowing what I will feel like if I choose that direction. My energy stays up and my internal engine stays revved due to the regular sleep I get, the exercise I practice, the food I eat, and the stretching exercises I do daily. Yes, there are different simple self-maintenance practices that will help you feel better, look great, and live longer. Using a few simple daily stretching exercises is a top choice when it comes to your physical recovery, pain management, and relaxation.

Start easy. Choose days and pick small chunks of times that you know will work with your schedule. Start with five minutes and work your way up to twenty over a month’s time. Select three stretches for starters and add two every week. Soon enough you will have your own personal arsenal of stretching exercises. Keep it simple and make it doable! I feel that stretching is highly underestimated. If you are ready to start feeling more limber and supple within your body, begin to take action with your wellbeing by adding stretching exercises to your self-maintenance routine.

Source by Damian Motlo