Penis Stretching Exercises – The Good and Bad of Exercising Your Penis


We men are mostly concerned about our manhood size. Or more specifically, we want to make ourself bigger than the other guys. There is not quite any technical explanation as to why we are obsessed over our penis size – I will just put it down to human nature, I guess.

When it comes to enhancing how we look down below, we men have it lucky. There are plenty of help available that supposedly can increase your penis size by a couple of inches or more. Just do a quick search on the Internet and you will agree with what I said.

But out of the so many products being sold out there, the talking point in recent times seems to be about penis stretching exercises. It is said that penis exercise dates back to ancient Arab or African times, where there were still no devices or drugs to make the male organ big. Could it be the miracle cure for penis size problems that we have overlooked thus far?

Not exactly. One would define a miracle cure as something which would bring positive effect to penis size overnight. The exercises were never meant to be a miracle cure. In fact, you would probably see any obvious results only after 4 or 6 weeks of exercising your organ.

Penis stretching exercises are in reality time consuming. You require 10 to 20 minutes of your time every day to manually perform stretching and massaging routine on your member using your own hands. If you are not motivated enough, I dare to say you would quit doing the exercises even before seeing any considerable change in your size.

But there ARE reasons why even some medical professionals recommend penis exercises to you instead of referring you to vacuum pumps or growth pills.

The basis of the exercise is solely on the natural growth process of the male organ. The stretching and massaging movements are cleverly designed to stimulate cell regeneration in the 2 main blood chambers of your penis (the Corpora Cavernosa). Cell regeneration leads to an increased capacity in which the chambers can hold blood, and the higher amount of blood flow in the shaft only expands the erectile tissues, resulting in added length and thickness to your member.

Furthermore, since the exercises physically affect the internals of your organ, whatever size increase you experience will last till your final years. This is something which the other ‘popular’ methods like using pumps and taking pills can not give you.

Hence in that respect, I guess we CAN say penis stretching exercises are in some ways a miracle cure. Don’t you agree?

Source by Bill Waterman