Jelqing and Stretching Exercises for Getting a Bigger Penis


If you’ve followed penis enlargement techniques, you may have learned that the only legitimate methods seem to come down to exercises. Specifically, jelqing and stretching exercises, which are specifically designed for getting a bigger penis.

First let’s distinguish between jelqing and stretching.

Jelqing – This exercise is performed in the semi-erect (40-60% erection) state. With thumb and forefinger making a circle, you start at the base of the lubricated penis and gently massage upwards, releasing just before the head. This is repeated for a number of reps and sets. What this does is work tissue in the penis, eventually so that it rebuilds into larger penis size both in length and especially in girth.

Stretching – This exercise is fairly straight forward, basically involving the stretching out of the penis and holding for a few seconds before releasing and repeating. It is done in a gentle manner and often times it is done in between or after jelqing. This is more of a lengthening exercise. As seen with tribal members who elongate everything from lips to earlobes to parts of skin, the more you stretch tissue, it eventually adapts to longer length.

Out of the two exercises, jelqing and stretching, it is usually jelqing which is considered a more effective size gaining exercise.

The catch with both of these techniques is time. You don’t obtain results from just doing a few sessions of jelqs and stretches. Nor does one achieve results from a few weeks. Usually guys commit to a 8-12 week program, and then many men go on for another several months to see if they can get even bigger.

As mentioned before, both exercises are usually used in conjunction with one another, with the emphasis being placed on performing jelqs first, and the secondary exercise is stretches.

Now one may just do jelqing and not stretching. But it is uncommon to find someone only doing stretching, without jelqing.

All programs and routines tend to be different, but in general these exercises are performed 4-5 days a week. I’ve yet to see a routine that does not include at least a few rest days every week.

Time for each session varies as well. There are 30 minute routines, but I’ve also seen 10 minute routines.

Jelqing results and stretching results. These vary with individual, but generally gains from an added inch and upwards have been widely reported. This can actually make a big difference in penis size. An inch can bump a guy up from average size to above average. Or it can get a guy out of the “small” category and bump him into the average size category.

Length vs Girth. While stretching encourages length gains, jelqing will encourage both length and girth gains. What we mean by girth, is thickness. Many guys don’t think about this, but thickness is really what matters when it comes to getting bigger penis size, in relation to what women want. Many women have reported that thickness, or girth, is what really matters for sexual excitement. So think of it like this: length gains are for visual impressiveness, and girth gains are for performance impressiveness.

Pills and Pumps. Will pills or pumps make my penis bigger along with jelqing and stretching? Here’s a common question that should also be addressed. It’s usually assumed that using a pump in conjunction with peforming jelqs and stretches is overkill. Way too much stress to put on the penis.

As far as pills go, there tends to be two camps. Some pills will increase blood flow and some guys believe this can assist in jelqing gains. Other pills in the form of natural supplements which have either testosterone boosting qualities or natural growth hormone production abilities, are also said to assist in gains when performing jelqing and stretching.

Source by Chess McDoogle