How Dynamic Stretching Changed My Life


Dynamic Stretching is one of the most awesome, weirdest things I never imagined would make a lick of difference in my life. For more than 2 years I suffered from constant soreness whenever working out. Whether jogging or lifting weights, playing frisbee or swimming, I always felt achy, sore, and cruddy. I was inuring myself constantly and had to take week long breaks from being active because I’d mess up one part of my body or another.

Back then, I rarely stretched. And if I did, it was the old school way. Riding an exercise bike for 5 minutes, then touching my toes for 20 seconds, or doing a butterfly stretch. I never felt much better doing those stretches, but I felt that at least I was doing what I was supposed to. 6 months ago, a friend referred me to some new athletic trainers who actually work with pro athletes. These guys told me that this kind of stretching, where you hold a stretch for 20 seconds, is called “static stretching”. And they told me something shocking: it’s bad news before a workout.

Instead, they had me doing this dynamic stretching routine. It was so bizarre, I didn’t even take it seriously at first. We started with trunk rotations, then doing hula hoop motions with our waists, eventually doing weird twisting lunges, walking on our tip toes, and a bunch of other strange looking moves. I laughed when I saw other people doing the mic dynamic warm up, but when I went to do it I was shocked: it was tough! I was out of breath at the end.

After just a couple of weeks doing this weird warm up, I noticed a major difference in how I felt in my body. My workouts were going smoother, and I wasn’t sore like I used to be, even though I was doing extremely intensive exercises. We still did static stretching after the workout, but before hand it was nothing but active movements. After a couple of months my whole body feels different. I am able to do moves and jump further than I did when I was a teenager. I have more explosiveness in my legs, and I no longer get injured when I am working out. It is amazing, and I am so happy to be able to be active without being hurt.

I highly recommend everyone learn about how switching over to a dynamic warm up can improve your workout and change your life as well.

Source by Seth Hymes