Golf Stretching Exercises For Shoulders


To achieve a more consistent swing, golf stretching exercises for shoulders can help. The main restriction for golfers at the top of their swing is their shoulders. Primarily the rotator cuff of the back shoulder (ie. the right shoulder for a right-handed golfer). Golf stretching exercises specific for your shoulders will get you to the top of your swing conistently and with little effort.

Overhead Golf Stretching Exercises

Since the top of the backswing is above your head, it is critical to implement golf stretching exercises that are above your head. There are many simple stretches you can do with your hands clasped or by grabbing a gofl club with your arms extended and take it overhead.

Doing stretches like this consistently will make a dramatic improvement on your ability to get to the top of your backswing consistently. This position will make it much easier for you to come down in a mechanically correct position virtually every time.

Rotator Cuff Stretches

The rotator cuff muscles are the most common to get injured with golfers. Why? Because the requirement to get to the top of your backswing takes a high level of rotator cuff flexility and if you don’t have it, the rotator cuff gets overused and injured.

External (outward) rotation of the back shoulder (ie. the right shoulder for a right-handed golfer) is a must. With any restriction in this area, it is impossible to get to the top of your swing without tension.

Backswing Stretches For Golf

Along with rotator cuff is backswing stretches. Golf shoulder stretch exercises for this phase of your swing should focus on the back of the lead shoulder and upper back muscles as well. Tightness in this area will create a higher level of tension early on in the backswing.

Stand up and try to make a backswing and notice how early the tension creeps in with the back of your lead shoulder. I’ll bet you feel it early on, way before you get to a 90 degree shoulder turn.

Follow Through Stretches For Golf

The follow through is rarely worked on. Here is how I know. How many times have you looked at your backswing in the mirror, but never your follow through? How many times do you make a backswing at any point in the day, but not a follow through?

Stretching this area is focusing on the back of the non lead shoulder (ie. the right shoulder for a right-handed golfer) specific to the follow through. Do this and I promise you, you will hit the ball further since you will be swing “all the way through the ball”.

I hope the information in this article has given you a little more “food for thought” in achieving your perfect golf swing. Golf stretching exercises for shoulders will make a difference.

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Source by Mike Pedersen