Do Penis Stretching Exercises Really Work? My Personal Experience With Natural PE (No Bull)


Do penis stretching exercises really work? What are the advantages of natural exercise anyway? Are they BETTER….or worse than more expensive options like pumps, pills or pulleys? And if so…..HOW so? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do….continue reading as we take a closer look at ANSWERING them for you below!

Who are the Prime Candidates for Penis Stretching Exercises?

Honestly? Anyone who has thus far been unhappy with their size. Men who DON’T have the money to waste on expensive enlargement products. Men who place an IMPORTANCE on having a powerful male anatomy, and are willing to work hard to make it happen. In a nutshell….men like myself, and I’m guessing, men like you as well..:-)

What I LIKE about this particular approach to male enhancement:

It’s easy to learn, not difficult to master, and takes no more than 10 minutes a day to see results.

It’s NOT expensive to learn. (and can actually be learned for free…although it takes a lot longer to find the proper techniques that DO work, rather than don’t)

It can be done around any schedule. (morning, noon or night doesn’t matter as long as you practice)

Most importantly… really works. I’ve noticed size improvements, gains in girth, length and dramatic improvement in my sexual staying power and stamina as well. (mostly due to kegel and PC elevation exercises)

What I DON’T Like About PE exercises:

I sometimes feel silly, or a bit goofy doing them. (thank god for DOOR locks, right?)

While I started noticing a FEELING of more size in the first week, my actual measurements didn’t’ change at all until more than 2 weeks in. ( I was actually hoping for faster, and more visible improvements)

I wasted too much time learning techniques that DIDN’T work at all…mostly on forums and blogs. (and I hate to waste time….which I did)

There IS a bit of a learning curve, and you do need to master the exercises to get great results. (not difficult….but important if we’re telling the truth)

The final verdict?

Male enhancement is an EVOLVING process. And I truly feel like learning penis stretching techniques has played a HUGE role in the dramatic improvement in my own size and self esteem. It didn’t happen overnight…..but it has happened. And the best part is, I feel these gains will continue to grow over time, as I make stretches, and jelqing, and other PE routines a permanent part of my life and health.

Source by Amos Amsterdam